Have you ever thought...

“Whoa, where did this cellulite come from?”
“I’m so exhausted. I really wish I had more energy. And I know working out will help, but how do I find the time?”
“How am I going to do this? Who can I trust? Is there someone out there that understands me and who can help me reach these goals?” 

Yeah? Then you’re in the right place.

Listen, I get it. You’re busy with a capital B….right? You’re the master at taking care of everybody (and let’s be honest) everything else.  

You give, give and give some more–and everybody else is well taken care of. 

From getting back into your skinny jeans after one-too-many frosted holiday cookies (and late nights at the office) to getting back on your yoga mat after injury, together, we can accomplish anything. 

If you’re here to change,

Who You Are

But the thing is, while you’ve been out there giving yourself to others, you’ve forgotten to give to yourself.

 And you can feel it.

You’re tired. Your energy levels are at an all-time low. You try to eat healthy, but who can pass up free Chicago-style pizza (especially when you’ve worked SO hard all week. You deserve a treat, right?). You might even attempt to squeeze in a workout here or there–but “hitting the gym” feels more like “wandering the gym” most days. You don’t quite know who–or what sources–to trust when it comes to nutrition or fitness information. There’s so much out there! 

Worse, you kinda feel like you’ve “tried it all.” 
I mean…

You’ve done the gym membership thing.
(Let’s just not talk about how you didn’t actually go consistently and spent most of the time wandering around, not tracking your progress & hopping on various machines, wishing & hoping you were doing things “right.”)

You’ve had 1 or 2 sessions with a personal trainer, but didn’t really feel connected to them (or terribly confident in them, either).

You’ve probably done the group fitness class thing, too – a free month of yoga from Groupon here, a couple CrossFit classes there. But as it turns out, needing to be in a certain venue at a certain time multiple days a week just doesn’t work for you. You’ve got too much going on for all that! 

Oh, and when it comes to nutrition, you’re overwhelmed. Do you go low fat? Keto? Paleo? Gluten-free? You don’t know what’s best for you and apparently neither does Google. (Searching the annals of the internet for fitness and nutrition advice is a mind-numbing. You don’t have time for all that!)

Raise your glass of pinot–I mean, filtered water–if you can relate.

I coach & train go-getter women who want to get their energy & enthusiasm (and good night’s sleep) back after a season of craziness, get themselves back into the gym safely after an injury and/or get themselves prepared for an upcoming big event (hello, wedding day or 5k!).

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Dr. Karen Hedenschoug, total fitness & nutrition expert, licensed physical therapist, personal trainer, and veteran.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked everywhere from Air Force Bases to Marine Corps Installations. I’ve seen every injury you can imagine, helped everyone from stressed out CEOs to injured servicemembers including Active Duty Airmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Coast Guardsmen. In the spring of 2019, I deployed overseas and served in the Middle East as both an Air Force Officer and Physical Therapist – and served as the only PT responsible for treating 9,500 servicemembers including US and coalition forces in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, Operation Deliberate Resolve, and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.
So let’s just say I “get” how to work with busy, stressed professionals. 

I’ve made it my life’s work to combine my expertise in physical therapy with my knowledge of health, fitness & overall wellness to create customized plans for busy professionals that meet my clients where they actually are, don’t push them past their true physical limitations & yet still get them the sustainable results they crave.

The truth is, what most people really need to make a major health change – and the reason most people have “failed” in the past – is because they need a TAILORED plan that's made JUST for them–something that takes into account everything from their gender to their weight to their unique physical limitations.  

Luckily, over the last 12+ years, I’ve developed a keen ability for determining the exact resources to suit an individual client’s needs – with workable, useful solutions they can actually implement.
Which means? Whether you want to get your fitness and nutrition in check, get back in the arena after an injury or just look and feel better than you’ve ever felt before…I know how to help. 

I take a holistic approach to wellness. I know designing a total fitness program isn’t just about reps, sets & losing weight. We can’t compartmentalize our lives or our bodies. Instead, I look at the whole person–including sleeping patterns, past medical history, current injuries/ailments, current physical abilities, what you’re putting in your body (food, hydration, supplements, meds, alcohol, etc.) and even your emotional state. It all matters.

My total fitness packages are NOT physical therapy, but I leverage my expertise in physical therapy to craft the best and safest programs possible. When you work with me, you have a seasoned pro with in-the-trenches-experience in your corner – someone who knows, respects and is willing to adjust their approach to any limitations you may have and who will create a total fitness plan just for you, so you can look, feel and live better than ever before. Safely.  

I won’t push you past your limits physically. Instead, you can trust that I’ll always make the safest decision for your body & the smartest decision for your lifestyle, so you can keep up your plan long after our time together is up. Basically? I’m optimistic but realistic. Yes, I’ve been around actual drill sergeants, and the truth is, I’m not one. I take a gentler approach that still gets you where you want to go.

Other things you should know about me & my philosophies:

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Fitness doesn’t have to become your life in order to better your life. You don’t have to compromise your busy schedule or “give up” your life to get fit. Like I said, busy professionals are my people. And when we work together, it’s my mission to create a plan that fits seamlessly into the crazy/beautiful/packed-to-the-brim life (and body) you already have – not pull you further away from it.

I believe in both prevention and (thoughtful) rehabilitation. Oh, and I’ve dealt with every single injury you can imagine. They don’t scare me – and my physical therapy background can help me create a safe, sustainable plan for you to get back to your desired fitness level.

I’ve worked all across the nation from Florida to California in sports medicine, outpatient orthopedics, home health, acute rehabilitation, pediatrics, acute hospital, outpatient neurological rehabilitation (stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury). 

• Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University

• Master of Physical Therapy from University of Missouri

• Bachelor of Science from Central Methodist University

• Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from National Strength & Conditioning Association

• Certified Level 1 Coach from USA Weightlifting

• Certified Personal Trainer from National Academy of Sports Medicine

• Certified Level 1 Running Gait Analyst

• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


• Presently serving as an Air Force Reserve Officer and Physical Therapist in the United States Air Force at the Special Warfare Training Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Air Force Base. Previously served at the 60th Medical Group, Travis Air Force Base.

• Served on active-duty at the 45th Medical Group in the United States Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base.

• Directed Special Operations Forces embedded physical therapy team in US Central Command operations.

• Crafted military base-wide Athletic Performance Workshop Series for servicemembers overseas honing skills in bench press, deadlift, and squat while cutting injury rates by 50%.

• Government Contract Physical Therapist at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger, and Hurlburt Field.

• Contract Physical Therapist, having completed over 12 contract assignments in multiple states from coast to coast, leading teams of 5+ professionals.

• Served on the Air Force Wounded Warrior Medical Team at Wounded Warrior Games in Colorado Springs.

Work Experience

•  2019 Awarded for Outstanding Job Performance during combat operations, #1 out of 17 Field Grade Officers

• 2019 Honored by two Expeditionary Operations Squadron Commanders for Excellence in Job Performance and Professionalism during combat operations 

•  2015 Honored by General Officer for Excellence in Service at Hurlburt Field within 3 months of hire

•  2012 Air Force Company Grade Officer Biomedical Sciences Corps Clinician of the Year

•  2012 Awarded for Excellence in Leadership 2nd quarter, Patrick Air Force Base

•  2011 Awarded for Excellence in Leadership 2nd and 4th quarters, Patrick Air Force Base

•  2010 Company Grade Officer Physical Therapist of the Year for Air Force Space Command

•  2010 Awarded for Excellence in Leadership 1st and 3rd quarters, Patrick Air Force Base


-Kevin F., Business Development Manager at Vertex Solutions

 “Karen is professional, thorough, and attentive. Her ability to understand the needs of her clients is unparalleled. While I worked with her, she was able to find creative solutions that were tailored to my specific needs and goals. Truly, she is one of the few people I trust with my physical well being. ”

-Michael L., Supply Chain Management Analyst at Boeing

 “Karen Hedenschoug is an impeccable model of patience and professionalism. Beginning on day one, she was extremely clear on her plan of care for me which included dealing with issues outside my referral. Her patience and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air in a time when military care is considered mediocre at best. Her friendliness definitely couples with her confidence to provide a sense of reassurance. She is definitely an excellent and highly recommended doctor!!”

fun facts

What’s the one thing you could never give up?

Coffee (OMG I can’t even think about it!)

I’m a really active person and I love traveling!

I’ve completed multiple traveling assignments in Arizona, Washington, and California. 

I love meeting new people and discovering new places.

I love being outside; give me fresh air, sunshine, good conversation, and a trail, and I’m the happiest person on earth!

My favorite thing in the world

(save for a caramel macchiato with a double shot–yeah, even health coaches have their ‘thing’!) is formulating a well-rounded (calorie-free) “cocktail” of modalities to help women like you reach your personal wellness goals. 

Is gaining more energy, confidence, and strength on your to-do list?

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❤️, Karen

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I’m Dr. Karen Hedenschoug, licensed physical therapist, personal trainer and total fitness coach. I specialize in working with busy and active women, from CEOs to active duty military to those recovering from injury.  Read More->

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