Hi there! I’m Dr. Karen Hedenschoug, total fitness & nutrition expert, licensed physical therapist, personal trainer, and veteran. Here’s what I know about you: You’re busy, but also want to feel your best.

You’re a passionate, goal-and-career oriented woman who’s all go-go-go. You’re incessantly running from one task to the next (or from the day job to the side hustle), trying to be all the things to all the people.

But the truth? It’s caught up with you mentally, physically & emotionally. (Maybe you’ve even endured a recent injury.) Either way, you know you’re not functioning at 100 percent, and that’s really not your style. Read More...

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Wake up in the morning and peel yourself out from under your satin sheets (you’re running all day but can’t sleep at night, what’s up with that?)

In fact, right now, you’re probably struggling to...

Feel energized throughout the day (you just want to function like a normal person past 3 pm–without a much-needed boost from a coffee or quick sugar-loaded snack)

Get back into the gym safely after an injury or a course of outpatient physical therapy

But I’ve got some good news for you: 

You actually don’t have to struggle at all.

Ready to look better, feel better and live better? 

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You don’t have to go it alone!

Whether your goal is as simple as losing a few pounds or fitting a workout routine into your busy life or as complex as training for your first 5k (hello #bucketlist) or getting back into the gym (safely) after an injury …
If you’re here to change, I’m here to help.

If you just want to look, feel & live your best....
...I’m–as the kids say–here for it. 

And more importantly,

It's true.

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-Kevin F., Business Development Manager at Vertex Solutions

 “Karen is professional, thorough, and attentive. Her ability to understand the needs of her clients is unparalleled. While I worked with her, she was able to find creative solutions that were tailored to my specific needs and goals. Truly, she is one of the few people I trust with my physical well being. ”

-Michael L., Supply Chain Management Analyst at Boeing

 “Karen Hedenschoug is an impeccable model of patience and professionalism. Beginning on day one, she was extremely clear on her plan of care for me which included dealing with issues outside my referral. Her patience and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air in a time when military care is considered mediocre at best. Her friendliness definitely couples with her confidence to provide a sense of reassurance. She is definitely an excellent and highly recommended doctor!!”

-Xio R., OTR/L, St. Joseph Health 

 “My relationship with Karen began as colleagues in a home health rehabilitation setting and soon progressed to a friendship. It is easy to build lasting relationships with Karen because her smile and optimistic outlook on life are contagious. I can attest that everyone that Karen interacts with has only positive experiences to share about her. The most valuable quality about Karen is that she truly cares about her clients. I would recommend any of my family members or friends to work with Karen because with her they are not only getting doctorate-level care, they are working with someone that will go above and beyond to make sure they get the personalized care they deserve. ”

-Tammy S., M.S., NSCA-CPT, TSAC-F
Fitness Manager, Parrish Health & Fitness 

 “I have known Karen for almost 10 years now and over that time I have come to know her as a very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated individual. I first met her in the physical therapy department where we worked with Military individuals to return them back to duty as soon as possible. However, her desire to do more to help people before they became injured led her to take on more of a strength and conditioning profession in addition to her physical therapy profession. Karen has to be one of the most motivated individuals and desires only to help people reach their goals. She is continually going the extra step to improve her knowledge and hands on experience all while offering the best services to her clients. I am honored to know and to have worked with Karen the past 10 years! ”

-Ms. Patricia S., Retired International Vice President at United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

 “Karen Hedenschoug is the woman you will want to take you from knee replacement surgery to perfection. I had a knee replacement at the age of 73, and with Karen's expert training, I was bending my knee within 1 week. She was very professional in training me to regain the strength in my leg and building my confidence in doing the work. She has the commitment, the caring, and the knowledge to help you with regaining the strength and conditioning that is often lost with the aging process. Karen is concerned with the well-being of her clients and works to make sure they are successful in their journey to a better, healthier life."

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Helping women build strength from the inside out.

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I’m Dr. Karen Hedenschoug, licensed physical therapist, personal trainer and total fitness coach. I specialize in working with busy and active women, from CEOs to active duty military to those recovering from injury.  Read More->

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